The music of Angel Snow is a lot like her name: Moving, ethereal and at times, chillingly honest.

This Nashville based rising singer songwriter’s music is always evolving; combining her accomplished songwriting with haunting, engaging vocals along with electronic textures - courtesy of UK producer Lee Groves (Goldfrapp, Depeche Mode) – Angel is a beguiling artist not to be missed.

“It’s raw and emotional,” she says of her music. “But it is also about real things which people have to deal with. You have to be willing to face the truth. Through my music, I want to help people overcome. True compassion is when you are willing to sit in the dark with a person and share their experiences.”

Snow’s songwriting showcases her journey into a fresh sonic landscape, where she embraces electronic soundscapes and blends these elements with the viscerally raw songwriting that attracted fans to her music a decade ago. As always, her enigmatic, imagery-filled lyrics are tinged with promise but ultimately cull hope from tragedy.

During the last year, Snow released the tracks “Secret”, “I Need You” and “More Than Ever,” providing the first taste of a sound that has developed beyond her Americana roots. Her upcoming new album will be released worldwide later this year on Nettwerk Records.

In 2016, Angel toured the UK in February, and has performed across the South East and will be taking the stage at the upcoming Pilgrimage Festival this September. Her live performances are beguiling, engaging and intensely personal.

Snow is an established songwriter who was dubbed “Nashville’s next stealth pop weapon” by MusicRow magazine’s Robert K. Oermann. Her prior work has been recorded by acclaimed Grammy winner Alison Krauss amongst others and some industry superstars have dubbed Snow as the “next great American songwriter.”