No Depression Q&A

Angel sat down with "No Depression" to discuss her musical influences and what it felt like to land a track on Alison Krauss' record. Check out the full interview here.

Nashville wasn't the first place Angel Snow headed to give it a go. First, she moved to California. She spent some time in Philadelphia. But, ultimately, it was Nashville where the sparks started to fly. Like just about everyone else in town, she had been doing the singer-songwriter thing long enough that she was starting to wonder if she shouldn't just give it all up and go teach English in Korea. Then her aunt - with whom she was very close - died. She was grieving and confused, looking for some hint as to what was next, when she happened to meet Alison Krauss. For a singer-songwriter struggling her way through the tide of Nashville artists, meeting Krauss - who recommended Snow team up with Krauss' brother Viktor - was a game-changer.